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Lilian TATE (1919-1974)

Name: Lilian TATE
Sex: Female
Father: William James TATE (1875-1966?)
Mother: Maud Lily FLOWERS (1880-1969?)

Individual Events and Attributes

Birth 27 Mar 1919 South Stoneham, Hampshire, England "GRO District"1,2,3,4
97, Nutbeem Road, Bishopstoke, Eastleigh, Hants, SO50 5JR
Occupation 29 Sep 1939 (age 20) Housemaid; Winchester, Hampshire, England3
Census 29 Sep 1939 (age 20) Winchester, Hampshire, England3
Lankhills Special School and Lodge, Andover Road, Winchester, Hants, SO23 7BU
O. V. S. P. or I.: Servant
Death 23 Mar 1974 (age 54) Winchester, Hampshire, England "GRO District"2,4,5


Spouse Frederick Harold LEWIS (1915-1991)
Children Sharon T LEWIS
Marriage Q4 1939 (age 20) Winchester, Hampshire, England6

Individual Note

Twin of Maud TATE


1GRO, TATE, Lilian 1919 Birth (1919 Q2 South Stoneham 2c 160 E?).
Text From Source:
First name(s) LILIAN
Last name TATE
Birth year 1919
Birth quarter 2
Registration month -
Mother's name Flowers
District South Stoneham
County Hampshire
Country England
Volume 2C
Page 160
Record set England & Wales Births 1837-2006
Category Birth, Marriage, Death & Parish Records
Subcategory Civil Births
Collections from Great Britain, England
Index 341: TATE, Lilian FLOWERS S.Stoneham 2c 160.
Cit. Date: Q2 1919.
2GRO, LEWIS nee TATE, Lilian 1974 Death (1919 Q1 Winchester 6b 2484 E?).
Text From Source:
First name(s) LILIAN
Last name LEWIS
Gender Female
Birth day 27
Birth month 3
Birth year 1919
Age -
Death quarter 1
Death year 1974
District Winchester
County Hampshire
Volume 6B
Page 2484
Country England
Record set England & Wales Deaths 1837-2007
Category Birth, Marriage, Death & Parish Records
Subcategory Civil Deaths & Burials
Collections from Great Britain, England
Index ?: LEWIS, Lilian 27 Mar 1919 Winchester 6b 2484.
Cit. Date: Q1 1974.
3TNA, 1939 RG101 2360G 020 34 TATE, Lilian & Hilda (RG101 2360G 020 34).
Text From Source:
Ref: RG101/2360G/020/34
Letter Code: EDVY
County: Hampshire
Borough: Winchester
District: 101-1
Address: Lankhills Special (M.D.) School and Lodge, Andover Road, Winchester
Name of person Status Gender Birthdate Cond. Occupation Schedule
Lilian Tate S F 27 Mar 1919 S Housemaid 10 5
Hilda Tate S F 08 Oct 1911 S Nurse Attendant 10 8
Tel: 01962 854537.
Cit. Date: 29 September 1939.

Source: 1939 RG101 2360G 020 34 TATE, Lilian & Hilda, 1939 RG101 2360G 020 34 TATE, Lilian FindMyPast

4Natalie Victoria Hyde, HYDE nee HILL, Natalie Victoria 2018 Email (
Text From Source:
Natalie Hyde
Jan 06, 2019

Thanks Mike that’s great.

I went to the cemetery today and found the grave stone of William James Tate and Maud Lillian...I will put the picture up. I couldn’t find Maud Tate (age 1) as there was no stone. I will go again soon!


Jan 04, 2019

Hi Natalie,
The person next to William has now appeared as Sidney TATE who you have baptised 1 Nov 1903, born 8 Oct 1903, but sadly died Q1 1904 all in Poplar, London.

I have research the 1841, 1851, 1861 Census records for Eliza Taylor, which is often the best way to find family relationships.

1841 has the Hayward & Taylor family in East Knoyle, Mere, Wilts:
Susanna Hayward age 60 (mother of Emily & Eliza)
Emily Hayward age 20
William Taylor age 30 (father of children below)
Eliza Taylor age 26 (nee Hayward mother of children)
Eliza Taylor age 1 with three older siblings John, William & Susanna

1851 has four of the above also in East Knoyle, Mere, Wilts:
Susan Hayward Widow 73 (so William died between 1841 & 1851)
Emily Hayward Head 31
John Taylor Nephew 17
Eliza Taylor Niece 10

Not found in 1861 yet, but have parish marriage in East Knoyle:
08 Jul 1833 William Taylor and Elizabeth Hayward
with witnesses John Taylor and Thomas Hayward

Hope that helps, Mike Tate

Natalie Hyde
Jan 04, 2019

Mike - I cant seem to get some correct information for the Mother of Eliza, I know that's veering off the track of Tate however. All I seem to have found is her maiden name of Hayward.

I cant see anything next to William Tate, so not sure what that is...



Natalie Hyde
Jan 04, 2019

Happy new year Mike. I was going to say hope you had a restful Christmas break but by the amount of info you've found you must of been hard at the research!

Thank you for finding the true surname of Eliza, when I found POWELL I must say I wasn't 100% sure. and thank you for the tip on the GRO website, not heard of that before so that's makes it easier to check mothers maiden names!

They are all my Aunts and Uncles and my mother is the youngest; born on 3rd December 1961.

My husband is Jonathan Matthew Cockburn - Born 5th July 1985

I will have a look at the private entry next to William Tate...and write another message!

best wishes


Jan 02, 2019

Happy New Year Natalie,
I found time between the festivities to review & research this part of the family tree, mainly focussing on the 1939 Register, but many other records too. The updated trees are online as listed below, followed by a summary of my key discoveries.

Your great-grandmother was born Maud Lily Flowers, and did not adopt the middle name Lilian until she was 20.
Her mother was Eliza TAYLOR (1840-1907) not POWELL.
That is proved by the free GRO Online Index Search at
Mother's Maiden Surname: TAYLOR
GRO Reference: 1880 S Quarter ATHERSTONE 06D 450
Unless you have a Birth Certificate, etc, that proves differently.

I have significantly updated your great-aunts & uncles, the siblings of Lilian & Maud, but in your tree there is a Private entry next to William TATE. Can you give me any clues to their identity.
Also I have few conclusive details for Winifred TATE.

I have found the following possible children of your grandparents.
Which ones are actually your aunts & uncles?
Q1 1942 Diane Winchester 2c 266
Q4 1944 Robert J New Forest 2b 1156
Q4 1946 Lynda Winchester 6b 1207
Q1 1956 Roger P Winchester 6b 1040
Q3 1957 Julie A Winchester 6b 1102

Best Regards and fruitful researching in 2019,
Mike Tate

Natalie Hyde
Dec 21, 2018

That's a fantastic website you've built Mike, its great to know all my research has been correct.

They were twins yes, Maud died aged 1 in 1920...which I've only just been able to confirm to my Mum recently as they were never sure. no idea what of however. They were born in 97 Nutbeem Road, Eastleigh. Lilian died on 23rd March 1974.

On my tree, you can see all the further research of the other siblings.

I will let you know of anything else I find out in Brookwood

very best wishes, have a great Christmas


Dec 20, 2018

Hi Natalie,

Henry and Mary are my great-grandparents and my descendant line is through their son Matthew John Thomas, and his son Bernard.

I have comprehensive family records at
that you are welcome to visit.
A link on the Home page takes you to Matthew John Thomas TATE my grandfather where you can easily navigate to either Henry TATE or William James TATE.
You can also find people via the Index tab.

The same family tree is shown in a novel presentation at

You speak of “Lillian and her baby sister Maud” but my research shows their births were registered together in Q2 1919 so they appear to be twins.
Currently I have little more than birth dates for their siblings, but a short search quickly found further records, so I suspect I will be adding to this branch soon.

I would certainly be interested in anything you discover at the Brookwood cemetery is in Eastleigh.

Merry Christmas, Mike Tate

Natalie Hyde
Dec 13, 2018

Hi Mike, thanks for your reply. What line do you decent from? I found you as your username was on some of the images you had submitted on Ancestry, such as the grave stone of Henry and Mary and the marriage certificates. Brookwood cemetary is in Eastleigh, Hampshire - which is where my immediate family is from.

So Henry and Mary Tate are there, Lillian and her baby sister Maud, and William J and Maud Lillian. Then several siblings I believe too. I plan to go this weekend so will take some photos of we find them.

My maternal Grandmother Lillian died when my mother was 12, so the main reason for my research was so she could know when she came from and any further’s been nice to show her some bits!

Best Wishes and look forward to hearing from you


Dec 13, 2018

Hi Natalie,
That is really interesting and opens up a new branch on my tree.
I think it makes us 2nd cousins once removed.
I've 9 siblings of Lilian Lewis nee Tate with birth dates & places, but only a few more details for two of them.
As a matter of interest where did you find my family tree? Was it on Ancestry or somewhere else?
Where exactly is Brookwood Cemetery as I could not find it near where many of my ancestors are known to have died?
Which members of the Tate family are buried there?
Hope to hear from you soon.
Regards, Mike Tate

Natalie Hyde
Dec 11, 2018

Hi there - I’ve used so much of your amazing research in my own search for the Tate’s! I think Henry and Mary Tate are my great great grandparents. My mum is Sharon Lewis, her mum was Lillian Tate, her dad and mum were William J Tate and Maud Lillian Flowers and then his dad Henry Tate. I’m hoping my research is correct. Almost the whole Tate family are buried in Brookwood Cemetary about half a mile from where I live! If you could tell me anymore about the Tate’s that would be amazing - best wishes Natalie Hyde nee Hill
Cit. Date: December 2018.
5Natalie Hyde, ~Ancestry~Natalie Hyde Tate Family Tree Web Site ( Cit. Date: 2018.
6GRO, LEWIS, Frederick Harold & TATE, Lilian 1939 Marriage (1939 Q4 Winchester 2c 536 E?).
Text From Source:
Last name LEWIS TATE
Marriage quarter 4
Marriage year 1939
Registration month -
Spouse last name Tate Lewis
District Winchester
District number -
County Hampshire
Country England
Volume 2C
Page number 536
Record set England & Wales Marriages 1837-2005
Category Birth, Marriage, Death & Parish Records
Subcategory Civil Marriage & Divorce
Collections from Great Britain, England
Index ?: LEWIS, Frederick H TATE Winchester 2c 536
Index ?: TATE, Lilian LEWIS Winchester 2c 536.
Cit. Date: Q4 1939.