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INGREDIENTS to serve 4 people :-

3 rashers streaky bacon

110 g (4 oz) onion - finely chopped

110 g (4 oz) potatoes - peeled & finely diced

1 teaspoon vegetable oil

225 g (8 oz) can pease pudding

50 g (2 oz) melted butter

1 large egg

pepper to taste

1 teaspoon chopped chives or parsley

75 g (3 oz) frozen peas


Fry the bacon, onion, and potato in the vegetable oil until just cooked.

Transfer to a food processor with the pease pudding, melted butter, egg, pepper, and herbs.

Billy whiz until the pease pudding mixture is smooth and well combined.

Lightly oil four individual pudding basins.

Place a small circle of greaseproof paper at the bottom of each basin.

Cover with a layer of frozen peas, and then half fill with the pease pudding mixture.

Add another layer of frozen peas, and top up with the remainder of the mixture.

Cover each basin with foil or a lid, and boil or steam in a pan of water for 15 minutes.

Leave them to cool slightly before turning out.

Serve with tomato sauce or cauliflower cheese.